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Top Four Features in SharePoint 2013

The excitement around SharePoint 2013 has created a ton of buzz online. We’ve picked the top four new features outlined below and hope to explain some of the associated buzz words floating out there in cyber space:

  1. SkyDrive Pro: SkyDrive Pro is part of both the SharePoint service in Office 365 and server. Some people misperceive SkyDrive Pro as a replacement for SharePoint, rather it is a vital part of SharePoint 2013. SkyDrive makes it even easier to work with your documents while reinforcing social networking, collaboration, search, metadata, workflow and compliance. It brings the SharePoint user experience together.
  2. Shredded Storage: For those of us trying to streamline document storage, this is a great new feature. Shredded storage for SharePoint 2013 will remove file duplicates and reduce the amount of content sent across the wire.
  3. Yammer: I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the enhanced social media features for SharePoint 2013. And recently, Microsoft announced they’re acquiring Yammer, the fastest growing enterprise social networking vendor, and that after the acquisition closes, they will expand the connections between Yammer and SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies even further.
  4. Sites Hub: The new “Sites Hub” shows all your sites in one place, helping you streamline your workflows across the board. Microsoft also expanded team collaboration tools to include new team newsfeeds, team OneNote notebooks with real-time co-authoring, task timelines and Exchange team mailboxes.
  5. The App Model: SharePoint Add-ins are stand-alone applications that are easy to install, use, manage, upgrade and remove. Not only will cloud-based and hosted SharePoint 2013 environments take advantage of this, but so can on-premises ones.

The buzz continues to get stronger as the release date gets closer for SharePoint 2013. If you have any questions about buzz words or new features within SharePoint 2013, please contact us at CoreBix.

By Robert Jumblatt of CoreBix, Washington, DC Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Experts

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