Staff Augmentation

CoreBix is not a staffing company. Rather, we are a software consulting company, and all our work is about Microsoft Custom Applications Development, with a focus on SharePoint development and administration. We eat and breathe Microsoft. As such, we have employees who each specialize in various skill sets including:

  • .Net Architects
  • .Net Developers
  • SharePoint Administrators
  • SharePoint Developers
  • SharePoint Architects
  • SQL Server DBAs

The types of people that we have available for contract are people transferring from one project (rolling off contracts) to another. It helps us keep our talent pool strong rather than losing them every time a project wraps up and we do not have an immediate project to place them on.

Top Talent Program

For each new project, CoreBix assembles a talented team with a unique set of skills in order to fully implement the solution in the best way possible. During the project, we zero in on the top performers and keep an eye on their performance. Although all of our staff is sourced to various projects, we make sure to place our top talent on the projects that require the most expertise. This includes keeping them on the bench if necessary, in order to ensure that our company as a whole maintains our reputation as a source of A+ candidates.  Although the billing rates for our “top-talent” employees are higher, they will always save your client time and money in the long run due to their high productivity.