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Save Money with Automated Workflows in SharePoint 2010

Manual data entry can slow business down. It can also increase the risk of invalid data, reflecting inaccurate information about your financials, human resources, customer information and more. These pains cost your company time, money, and valuable opportunities. You may think that you’re stuck and just have to deal with time-consuming data entry processes, but automated workflows in SharePoint 2010 can save you time as well as vast amounts of money if implemented properly.

Let’s review the costs incurred by manually entering your business critical data and in contrast, how SharePoint workflows can help reduce or even eliminate those costs:

Lack of Real-Time Insight: Manual data entry hinders your company from seeing exactly what’s going on at any given moment. The time it takes to update your system, is the time it takes for something else to change. This skew in data results in ill-informed decisions by upper management and frustration among employees. SharePoint workflows help update business information with a click of a button so that everyone within your organization can see the same, accurate, real-time data.

Waste of Valuable Employee Time: The amount of money you pay your employees of course depends, but when they’re using their time to enter data that could be automated through a workflow, it’s a waste of their time and your money. SharePoint workflows helps free up their time to focus on growing your business instead of maintaining it. They will have more time to analyze the accurate data in place and make better decisions that will benefit your company.

Inaccurate Customer Order or Contact Information: If your sales and/or marketing teams have inaccurate information about customer orders and/or contact information, it’s harder for them to close deals, see orders through to completion, and recognize potential opportunities. SharePoint workflows help ensure your team can see the information relevant to a particular sale, order, or opportunity at any given time.

CoreBix experts have worked with many companies helping streamline their business processes with Microsoft SharePoint. Please contact us if you need help setting up automated workflows in SharePoint 2010 and realize time and cost savings you didn’t know were possible.

By Robert Jumblatt of CoreBix, Washington D.C. Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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