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Microsoft SharePoint: A Project Manager’s Dream Tool

As a project manager, you are juggling numerous components of multiple projects all while making sure your team is keeping up with their assigned tasks. Many of you are trying to manage all of this just within Microsoft Outlook and desktop folders. Well, Microsoft SharePoint may just be the dream tool you’ve been waiting for. Product features save you time and eliminate confusion across your team.

Microsoft SharePoint makes your projects more efficient right from the get-go as your central repository for information relevant to your specific project. The project manager also gets control of who has access to the site, helping you maintain data integrity. There are quite a few features that make this collaboration tool a dream for project managers and here are just two of our favorites.

  1. SharePoint and Outlook work together: You can create an event right in your SharePoint calendar. SharePoint and Outlook talk to each other, so you can see events created from SharePoint, as well as create events in your Outlook and it shows back up on your SharePoint space. This makes scheduling a breeze and also ensures you don’t miss any important meetings due to miscommunication.
  2. Project document management made easy: It is easy to manage your documents with SharePoint, for example, you can drag files from your desktop and drop it right into your SharePoint site. SharePoint keeps its user interface and processes familiar for you and your team. You can also set up version control which allows you to check version history, keeping track of all changes that took place to each of your documents.

With Microsoft SharePoint, you can gain real-time view of your projects and you can access your site anytime and anywhere online. Contact us here at CoreBix to learn how to get a hold of this dream project management solution and tailor it to your specific needs.

By Robert Jumblatt of CoreBix, Microsoft SharePoint solutions experts based out of Washington D.C.

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