Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Effective communications enable better customer relationships.A strong communications strategy, complimented by a good Microsoft Customer Relationship Management implementation enables your organization to better understand and respond to the needs of your customers and constituents.

A Microsoft CRM system designed and implemented by CoreBix enables you to:

  • Empower your staff with a scalable, feature rich resource for client communications.
  • Inform management of communications trends by providing coherent transparency into communications activities through a highly flexible reporting system.
  • Identify problem areas in your communications efforts for action and improvement.
  • Enforce workflow rules in your organization’s communication efforts, enabling automated case escalation and routing based on your specific business processes.
  • Improve customer and constituent satisfaction by enabling your organization to more effectively and accurately respond to client requests.

Envision a world where a member of your staff receives an inquiry from a partner or the general public.┬áThe new case is automatically entered into your CRM system, and quickly tagged with data that helps to define the type of request you’re receiving. Based on the attributes of the case, workflow rules automatically route it to the appropriate department for action and resolution. As the case is resolved, it’s closed and the requestors record updated with a history of the case for future reference. Over time, scaled across hundreds and thousands of cases, decision makers are then able to view aggregated reports that help them better understand and respond to the changing dynamics of your organizational relationships.

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