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Five SharePoint Maturity Levels: Growing Into Your Business Model

Many of our clients implement their Microsoft SharePoint solution in the middle of growth spurts. Some are just starting out, needing just the basic functionalities of SharePoint, while others are on the fast track to exponential growth. Whatever the phase, it’s important to know of certain SharePoint maturity levels so you’re aware of what your solution can do for you in the beginning, as well as what it can do down the road.

Document storageDocument storage is a basic functionality most all organizations need, especially at the beginning. Microsoft SharePoint creates one place to store contracts or financial documents so the integrity of data stays intact and businesses stay on track.

  1. Collaboration Tools– The next phase incorporates collaboration tools into the mix. As your team grows, you need more avenues to share business critical information. Microsoft SharePoint is that platform, allowing team members to share secure information online, anytime and from anywhere.
  2. Customizations– Customizations creep in during the third level as document storage and collaboration enhance your business. Companies may need better insight into data or need assistance with management projects from start to finish. Customizing Microsoft SharePoint to meet these needs early on will reduce confusion later in the game.
  3. Workflows– Similar to customizations, setting up workflows will streamline overall business tasks and create an optimal work environment. You can set up specific workflows for a certain team so they see projects through to completion. Workflows keep everyone on the same page, enhancing productivity.
  4. Full on Custom Development- Some organizations are in already in full swing, thus need a solution to fit the exact needs of what they already do. Full-on custom development allows for customized reporting and business intelligence models as well as streamlined operational tasks for specific roles.

All of these stages may sound familiar to you and we here at CoreBix can help you see through them with our SharePoint expertise. Stay tuned in to our blog for detailed posts around each maturity level that will describe tips on how you can make the most out of your SharePoint solution, no matter how “mature” you may be.

By Robert Jumblatt of CoreBix, Washington, DC Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Experts

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