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  1. Changing SERv Name OR use DNS with AAM – after migr to 2010 with new S.FARM

    I am not sure whether this the right place for getting the answer of my question. I relatively new in SharePoint Admin side.

    I have a existing MOSS 2007 PRODUCTION intranet server name “SPServer” and the default web application (port 80) is also “http://SPServer”.

    I built new SharePoint 2010 server Farm server name SPServer2010. The Default web application (port 80) is also “http://SPServer2010”.

    I want keep the same name of URL after migration (doing migr. attach method).

    Do I need to change the server name and url from SPServer2010 and url to http://SPServer2010 or redirect with AAM usding DNS?

    How can I change the server name and default application name From “SPServer2010” and web aplication “http://SPServer2010” to “SPServer” and “http://SPServer” on cut off date? These new 2010 will become production server.


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