Custom Application Development


CoreBix works with customers to leverage the tools and technologies they currently own.  We focus new development and custom integration using Microsoft .NET technologies.  Our 4D: discover, design, develop, deploy is an interative, agile process that ensures a quality product with fast initial capability, and incremental functionality.

Portal Integration

Our customers enjoy greater work productivity by integrating their line-of-business application within a greater knowledge portal.  By having all the tools for a business along with integrated scheduling, document management, enterprise search, the knowledge worker becomes more productive and more valuable to the business.

Our expertise in enterprise application integration allows us to develop the most capable and cost effective solutions for business to business process integration.  Our experience with messaging, mapping and transformation, and data transfer

Database Design and Development

Our experienced staff have done large scale data extraction and loads, database design, normalization and development, and replication.  We have used several business intelligence methods such as data warehousing, multidimensional analysis cubes, data mining for correlation, trending and forecasting.