Records Management

Top Six Questions about SharePoint Storage Limits: SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010

As a document management and collaboration solution, Microsoft SharePoint has its storage limits. But what are the specifics and does your organization even need to worry about reaching those limits? Here are the top six questions we get asked as SharePoint specialists. We hope to answer your questions about SharePoint 2007 and 2010 storage limits: How many lists can you have per website? In SharePoint 2010, the recommended limit is 5,000 and you can have up to 2,000 in SharePoint 2007 How many items can you have in...

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SharePoint 2010 for Records Management: Figure Out Governance and Compliance Requirements Before Deployment

Governance and compliance play essential roles in your records management (RM) strategy. If the correct foundation is not laid out at the beginning, then you run the risk of encountering multiple setbacks and potential delays when deploying and ultimately using SharePoint. So rather than put it off until the end of your implementation, take some time upfront to determine your record management needs and build them in from the beginning. First of all, how do you want to handle your records? In SharePoint 2010, you have...

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