Microsoft SharePoint: A Project Manager’s Dream Tool

As a project manager, you are juggling numerous components of multiple projects all while making sure your team is keeping up with their assigned tasks. Many of you are trying to manage all of this just within Microsoft Outlook and desktop folders. Well, Microsoft SharePoint may just be the dream tool you’ve been waiting for. Product features save you time and eliminate confusion across your team. Microsoft SharePoint makes your projects more efficient right from the get-go as your central repository for information...

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Equation of Success: Cost of SharePoint 2010 + Enhanced Productivity

You’ve heard it time and again; “Enhancing your business software ultimately benefits your business”. This is true in some scenarios, but a large part of the equation is missing in this statement and that is “cost”. Business software doesn’t benefit you if you go over budget, scope, and timeline of the project at hand. This scenario actually sets you back financially and creates more obstacles than you had before you implemented. The equation of success is attainable when combining the cost of SharePoint...

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