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Top Four Features in SharePoint 2013

The excitement around SharePoint 2013 has created a ton of buzz online. We’ve picked the top four new features outlined below and hope to explain some of the associated buzz words floating out there in cyber space: SkyDrive Pro: SkyDrive Pro is part of both the SharePoint service in Office 365 and server. Some people misperceive SkyDrive Pro as a replacement for SharePoint, rather it is a vital part of SharePoint 2013. SkyDrive makes it even easier to work with your documents while reinforcing social networking,...

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Top Six Questions about SharePoint Storage Limits: SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010

As a document management and collaboration solution, Microsoft SharePoint has its storage limits. But what are the specifics and does your organization even need to worry about reaching those limits? Here are the top six questions we get asked as SharePoint specialists. We hope to answer your questions about SharePoint 2007 and 2010 storage limits: How many lists can you have per website? In SharePoint 2010, the recommended limit is 5,000 and you can have up to 2,000 in SharePoint 2007 How many items can you have in...

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Microsoft SharePoint: A Project Manager’s Dream Tool

As a project manager, you are juggling numerous components of multiple projects all while making sure your team is keeping up with their assigned tasks. Many of you are trying to manage all of this just within Microsoft Outlook and desktop folders. Well, Microsoft SharePoint may just be the dream tool you’ve been waiting for. Product features save you time and eliminate confusion across your team. Microsoft SharePoint makes your projects more efficient right from the get-go as your central repository for information...

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